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Feel Good Fragrance Pouch (6pcs/pkt)



Antibacterial Plant-extract-scent Fragrance Beads in 1 Pouch (TOTAL of 6 Pouches in a packet)



Keep your belongings Fresh and Fragrant (by keeping them antibacterial and anti-odour)



Put in Shoes, Gym bags, Luggage, Backpacks, Storage Cabinet or Hang in Wardrobe



Use till the fragrance is diminished - pour these used beads into washing machine drum and wash your clothes with them for the added fragrance on your clothes


Making your personal space and belongings Fresh and Fragrant



Rosy Peach        : Delightful and Sweet Fruity Peach
Sugi Cedar          : Woody and Focus Enhancer
White Tea             : Zen Tranquil and Mood Booster
Yuzu Grapefruit  : Fruity Floral and Poetic Delicate

Enchanted Rose : Rosy Rich

Feel Good Storage Space Fragrance Pouch (6pcs/pkt)

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