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Choose from our range of Feel-Good lifestyle products to beautify your personal space.
Have Fun!


Laundry Detergent Sheets

Plant Based Ingredients
Natural Fragrance

Natural. O' so natural.

Soft on your hands,

effective on your clothes.

~~ Feel Good, Live Better ~~

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Fragrance Beads 

Rosy Peach / Sugi Cedar / Yuzu Grapefruit

Antibacterial & Anti-mite
Aromatherapy Essential Oil

Delight yourself and your guests every moment with our fragrance beads.

It effectively maintains your home in a fragrant-full spring and summer happiness.

~~ Feel Good, Live Better ~~

Feel Good Fabric Fragrance Spray 1.png

Fabric Fragrance Spray

Fabric Enchanter
Anti-dustmites & Anti-bacteria
Aromatherapy Essential Oil

Enchant yourself with the sweet fragrant aroma when you are both indoors and outdoors

Safe for all colours and fabrics

Great for active wear, sports & fitness attires, towels, bed linens, curtains

~~ Feel Good, Live Better ~~

Occupied Home Staging.png

Reed Diffuser

Lifestyle Home Fragrance
Zen Sandalwood /
Tantalizing Eucalyptus Mint

Woody, musky, sweet.

An exotic aroma, for an exotic you.

~~ Feel Good, Live Better ~~

Toilet Bowl Spray 12.png

Malipoo Toilet Bowl Spray

Feel Good Series
100% Natural Ingredients

Physically in the bathroom But Feeling like you're at Malibu surrounded by Nature and Coconuts

Increasing the quality of your poo-ing experience

~~ Feel Good, Live Better ~~

Fragrance Beads Refill Pack 1.png

Fragrance Beads
(Refill Pack 150g)


Fragrance Beads
Aromatherapy Fragrance Oil
Anti-bacteria & Anti-mites

Enchant your partner with our captivating fragrance beads.

Place the beads in the laundry wash and enjoy the captivating aroma all around your house. Or place at the areas where you want it to uplift the mood.

~~ Feel Good, Live Better ~~

Indoor Bedroom Office Slippers Cute

Soft Plush Slippers

Cushy Softess Comfy Shoes
Mustard Yellow / Retro Mint /
Sakura Pink / Rustic Brown / Slate Grey

"So Cuuute!"

"It's unbelievably soft."

~~ Feel Good, Live Better ~~

Cup Warmer Heating Coaster

Cup-Warming Coaster

Keep My Heart Warm

Warm my heart,

Warm my soul

Turn up the heat to keep me warm.

Chic & fancy, that's my style.

~~ Feel Good, Live Better ~~

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In support of our National Servicemen, you may use your NS55 Recognition Package credits

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