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Feel Good Fragrance Beads Refill Packs | Essential Oil In-Wash Fragrance Beads


Clean with the detergent sheets - Smell delightful with the fragrance beads! You can always have the BEST of Both Worlds. One is always better WITH the other.


Fragrance Beads - Refill Packs

  • Stay fresh for the whole day when you are outdoors 
  • Aromatherapy Plant-extract scent: ahealthier scent for your well-being
  • Safe for all colours, fabrics and type of washing machines
  • Great for active wear / sports & fitness attires, towels and bed linens
  • Gentle to the nose with soothing and fresh fragrance all-day long
  • Easily dissolves in water



  • Pour 1-palmful of beads into your hands, and toss the beads into the washing machine drum
  • Put your clothes into the washing machine drum
  • Add your detergent (OR our Feel Good Laundry Detergent Sheets) - Start washing


Recommended Usage
1-Palmful for Full-Load of laundry (approx 9KG capacity washing machine)



Rosy Peach           : Delightful and Sweet Fruity Peach
Sugi Cedar            : Woody and Focus Enhancer
White Tea              : Zen Tranquil and Mood Booster
Yuzu Grapefruit    : Fruity Floral and Poetic Delicate

Enchanted Rose: Rosy Rich

Feel Good Fragrance Beads Refill Packs

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